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iPad Enclosures Blog » 10 Steps To Turn Your iPad Into A Kiosk

Here is a basic ten step manual for how to turn your iPad into a cutting edge iPad kiosk. For a detailed step by step watch the video below. Also click below to learn how to secure your kiosk so you can confidently leave it unattended. 


  1. Select your settings app.

  2. Under general, go to accessibility.

  3. From accessibility, scroll to guided access.

  4. Turn on guided access and set passcode for your iPad kiosk.

  5. Press your home button and then navigate to the app you want to enable for your new iPad kiosk.

  6. Open the app and navigate to where you want it to be.

  7. Triple-click the home button, this allows you to customize the interaction with your iPad kiosk.

  8. In addition to the toggle switches along the bottom, you may also disable portions of the screen by circling them.

  9. When ready touch start in the top right corner to enable your iPad kiosk.

  10. To disable the kiosk triple-click the home button once more and input your passcode and you can adjust your settings.

ipad kiosk mode

ipad kiosk mode

Evolve Lite Secure iPad Kiosk Enclosure

Learn how to secure your new iPad Kiosk

October 31st, 2012 @ 11:43am by Max




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